Brewery: Oppies was a media campaign. We have yet to shoot matches

For three outrages, Viktoria Plzen scored the only goal in the spring when Marek Bakos decided a heavy duel for the Bohemians. The West Bohemians have scored Unibet three important points and reached the point of the Slavic leader, although he is still screaming forwards ahead. “The players are under pressure, we have to work more positively,” coach Roman Pivarník was looking for the cause of the worse offensive phase. He had to change the defensive four, where he did not have the Butcher (cards) or Limbersky with Hejda.

Do you take it today as a happy victory?
We have a lot of chances in some matches and we Unibet online betting promotions will not change them. Sometimes the team will come back to get less chance and use them as we do today.We did not have one chance today, but Kopic went to the cascade at the end, he solved it badly, this is troubling us. Previously, we got into the brew situation and ended up at the flag. We have to shoot matches so far, and we hope to catch the game. ”

In the spring you played five games. Do you see any improvement on the team?
“When I say that objectively, it’s hard to talk about improving. At the moment we are troubled by the individual activity of the players. We need to calm down to get the Unibet players right to solve normal football, it’s not about the system.”

How to improve the psyche to work in training?
What we’re going to talk about was a huge media campaign against Pilsen. Players say they do not read it, but they read it. Man tries to work with the players positively, pity that if you tell them not to read it, they read it. It does not add to you. We are under enormous pressure and we will be constantly under it, but we need to work more on positive things and give the Unibet negative side. The lessons need to be learned, but if you solve it so much, it will kill you.We want to work more positively, have fun training to get us out of it. Part of the players performs great, but we need to play eleven. ”

How did you like Marek Bakos, who you set up for Michael Krmenčík and decided today?
“I am very glad that we have Mark Bakose. He is the player who returned to Pilsen, he has a great past here. He is a huge heart, a warrior, he does not give up a single training, everything gets full. We need a faster player, a pity that Krmencik can not benefit from the huge Baky’s work. He runs miles, keeps and bounces the balloons, but the second striker has to benefit from it.”

Why did not there be a Heap and Limbersky Heat and Limbers?
” Players have a scarf game, now they are bigger on Liberec. We play an English week, but players are not healthy. The Hejdic would already be available on Sunday, the Cuba Hromad also. Maybe Limba is getting involved in the training. ”

Is it important that you come to Slavia at a single point?
” We still want to play a title important Both mangages were under pressure, and then errors were made under pressure. Now we have a lot of them in range. No Unibet  match is easy, sometimes we play soccer, sometimes combat. “